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Sensuality Matters

Welcome to our sensuality studio. We offer subtle sensual interactions for women, who don’t have a life partner, but don’t want to miss out on experiencing the most beautiful and precious moments in life.

Here, in full confidentiality, you can take off your ,,I’m ok” mask and let yourself be the real you, feel real physical closeness with someone, share your unused love, experience authentic loving touch, regenerate emotionally and simply feel happy.

Get in touch and let’s book you in.

Real Closeness

For many women, cuddling is the real deal, real love making. It is love making with your soul, energy, closeness, eye contact, body touch, your mood, smile and all beautiful thoughts and feelings that come together. 

Cuddling is also very therapeutic. It helps women release deep emotional blockages, sooth broken hearts, regain inner trust, boost confidence and fight depression. When you cuddle you make love to both, your partner and yourself. What’s more wonderful than that?

Hear Your Body

There are times when your body literally tells you what it wants, by sending pictures to your mind or you realize touching yourself sensually as if somebody else was giving love to every inch of your body.

Classic massages offer different type of touch than you really need, numb you, calm your inner calling for a while. You should have a sensual yoni massage instead, clear your energy, release blockages, have your unique individual need of closeness satisfied.

7 Different Types Of Orgasms

Yoni massages are brilliant. You don’t have to have sex or return pleasure to your masseur, so you will not get distracted. You can simply close your eyes, lie down and totally focus on your deep feelings and escalating pleasure.

When you focus, without having sex, you can experience multiple extended orgasms, deeper and more profuse. In fact you can experience 7 different types of orgasms. Add some kissing and cuddling and you have a recipe for making very orgasmic memories. 

Touch Just How You Love It

The most wonderful of touches is the prolonged eye contact just before the kiss. It touches the soul, you can feel it in your stomach, in thrills of emotions running through your chicks and in the air between that starts pulling you towards it.

Being touched the way you love feels magical. Sensual touch reaches deep within the soul, makes women feel alive again, noticed, loved, wanted, superbly attractive and can even drive your senses completely wild. There is nothing better than feeling this way.

Find Yourself In A Kiss

Allow yourself to be taken by a moment. Close your eyes and just kiss, get lost in the sensations of a prolonged sensual kiss. Here you can do it with someone who kisses really well, it will open you up to amazing orgasms later.

For many women, while experiencing extremely pleasant kissing in connection with passionate cuddling, the production of happy hormones can become so rapid, that they are able to reach their first orgasm while kissing. Many women had never experienced it before.

Snuggle & Heal

Traumatic events, bad breakups, broken trust, emotional stress often take women to very dark places emotionally. It is so much easier to come back when there is someone who simply can hold you in arms and want nothing in return.

Here you will find someone you can trust, an emotional friend who is here to offer you warmth, good energy, loving calming touch and not to take advantage of you. Here you can get really close, snuggle into loving arms, heal your soul and refill your emotional resources.


Everybody needs freshness in life. It may be travelling to a new place, doing something crazy, being spontaneous, experiencing something new, falling in love or meeting someone who will keep you happy for the next few hours or days.

Freshness in love life feels wonderful. We know exactly how to bring those unstoppable blushing smiles on your face, keep you feeling happy and make your me-time very memorable. There is so much more life in life when you allow what you want the chance to happen.

Your London Fantasy

Women who come to visit London and many of those who live here permanently have these untold secret romantic and erotic fantasies that they relive over and over again in their beautiful creative minds.

We are very privileged to have the opportunity to work with women from all over the world and be chosen to get a pick in their minds and to make those fantasies come true. As one of clients told us, she would rather have wild memories than wild fantasies.  How about you?

What Can You Expect?

*All offers are for women, age18+

Sensual Touch Experience:

  • Cuddling & Snuggling: £50/hour
  • Sensual Yoni Massage: £80/hour

Total Closeness Experience:

  • Daytime Delights 4h: £250
  • Evening Delights 4h: £300
  • Overnight Delights: £400 
  • Weekend Delights: £ ASK
  • Your London Fantasy: £ ASK

*Kissing depends on personal attraction

Donate more if you can:

All donations and tips go to a future fund of two very young children who lost their father in 2019. I’ll give you my best. Be generous too.

Can’t Afford It?

It’s ok. Get in touch anyway, let me know what would you like to experience and what you can offer. Depending on your unique circumstances, I may even offer it to you for free.

So, How Do We Do It?

I can come to your place or you can come to mine. My place is a private apartment in a very secure building. It allows full anonymity when entering and leaving. 

Contact me only via messages on WhatsApp. Let me know the place you prefer, day, approximate time and what would you like to experience.

To move forward, you will be asked to send your current photo: your face including hair or show it for a short time as your WhatsApp  picture.

First time we will meet in a very public place. If you look like on your photo, I will approach you and we will go and make your lovely experience happen. Don’t be late. I will just leave.

I expect your donation in full upfront, when we arrive at the place, in an envelope saying ”Gift. Thank You”. You can add a tip later.

I don’t need to know your name or any details. The visit can be totally anonymous. If you live far or outside London, I may ask for a bank  transfer to cover travel plus 1hour donation upfront.

Anything Else?

You will love it. I’m warm and kind and right away you will feel like you were my long-term girlfriend.

I love giving and you will feel it. It’s not work or a job for me but personal passion where I discover women and always give my best. 

I often give extra time for free. Seeing beautiful super happy smile is a pleasure for me too, so if I can extend, I often do.

Clarity and honesty is a must between us. Yes is yes, no is no, stop is stop. 100%. You will be in safe, gentle and experienced hands.

Cuddling can be fully clothed or not. If you are super conscious about your body, we can do your yoni massage in a very dim light or even in total darkness.

The level of closeness will totally depend on your comfort and what you want to experience. I’m here for you.  

Anything else? Please ask and share freely your thoughts. Get in touch x

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